Standing Burpees

A move I love and hate! If you’ve taken one of my Barry’s classes, you may have been instructed to do these from time to time. Standing burpees are an amazing full body move that engages so many different muscles. Don’t be easy on yourself. You can go heavier than you think! You can try…

KB Squat to Upright Row

Awesome workout to get your butt and legs working, your core engaged, and your shoulders on fire!

Medicine Ball Slams

Doing medicine ball slams is a perfect way to engage muscles all over your body! Med ball slams work your shoulders and arms, strengthens your core, and burns your legs as you squat.

Resistance Band Side Squats

This is a great warm-up to do because it gets your body moving, thinking, working, and prepped for any workout.

Alternating Shoulder Press

This is a great exercise to engage all of the shoulder muscles. It works your Deltoid as well as your Pectoralis Minor.

Chest Fly with Powerband

Power bands, similar to resistance bands, are great because they help strengthen your bones and muscles while reducing joint pain.

Battle Ropes

One of the best full-body workouts to add to a routine!

KB Bicep Curl 21’s

These can be done with a Kettlebell (KB) or a dumbbell, even a resistance band!