About Me

Casey Simmons-323

Hi everyone 🙂

I know your week is hectic so I’m hoping you can Fit Me Between the Lines! I have a passion for staying fit but I’m also a social butterfly and enjoy an occasional low-calorie cocktail (or three).

I was Florida born and raised – ex Kindergarten Teacher – ex NYC Bartender – current Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor in Miami.

I am a Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I love all things fitness, nutrition, and health, and am a lover of fashion and casual lifestyle.


Haven’t heard of Barry’s Bootcamp? Check it out at Barry’s Bootcamp. The best workout in the world; strength and cardio interval workout that is just as effective as it is fun.

I fell in love with Barry’s since day 1 as a client. The music, the lights, the instructors, and the atmosphere were inspiring and motivated me to push myself more than I could imagine. I set a goal to be one of the many hardworking, motivating, passionate instructors that the Barry’s Fitfam consisted of.

As a lifelong athlete and fitness fanatic, I was ready to take on the instructor role and help make a difference in my client’s well-being and motivate them myself. I’ve been sprinting on the tennis court since the age of 7 and took my athletic abilities to the D1 level. I know what it takes to push myself and my family of teammates (or clients), set goals, and work my ass off to meet them.

I push my clients to their max and try to put a smile on their face while doing so. If you absolutely have to take a break in my class, it better be a dance break. With a very outgoing, energetic, “dancey” personality, and music of all decades to match, you’ll be sure to have a great workout, a great time, and a great puddle of sweat!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comment with any feedback/suggestions! I hope you enjoy my page and I really hope to see you at Barry’s soon! (See schedule on IG: @caseyssimmons)!


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